The Convergence of Telecoms and Technology: Exploring Future Job Opportunities and how Tangent can help you stand out from the crowd


In our ever-connected world, the convergence of telecoms and technology is transforming the way we communicate, share information, and conduct business. This fusion has brought about a revolution in connectivity, creating exciting opportunities across various industries. As we look ahead, it’s essential to understand the implications of this convergence and the jobs that will be in demand over the coming years.

1. 5G and Network Infrastructure Specialists

With the rollout of 5G networks, the demand for professionals specializing in network infrastructure will soar. 5G offers blazing-fast speeds, low latency, and increased capacity, enabling the growth of technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality (AR), and autonomous vehicles. Telecom companies will require experts to design, deploy, and maintain robust network infrastructures to support these emerging technologies. Over the past 12 months Tangent have seen an 18% increase in demand for these skills particularly across emerging markets in Latin America & Africa.

2. Data Scientists, Analysts & Storage

The convergence of telecoms and technology has led to an explosion of data generated by mobile devices, IoT sensors, and network infrastructure. Companies need skilled data scientists and analysts who can extract meaningful insights from this vast amount of information and employ storage experts to ensure the data is accessible. These professionals will play a crucial role in leveraging data to improve customer experiences, optimize networks, and drive business decisions.

3. Cybersecurity Experts

As telecom networks become increasingly digitized and interconnected, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated. The convergence of telecoms and technology brings new challenges in protecting sensitive data, preventing cyber attacks, and ensuring the integrity of networks. Cybersecurity experts will be in high demand to develop robust security strategies, implement advanced encryption techniques, and stay ahead of emerging threats. In particular Tangent have seen a real surge in demand for Pen testing teams that can be shipped in at short notice to organisations across the EU and Middle East.

4. Cloud Architects and Engineers

Cloud computing has become an integral part of the telecom industry, enabling flexible and scalable services. Telecom companies require professionals well-versed in cloud architecture and engineering to design and manage cloud-based solutions. These experts will help optimize network efficiency, ensure seamless service delivery, and facilitate the integration of emerging technologies.

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Specialists

AI and ML are revolutionizing the telecom industry by automating processes, enhancing network optimization, and personalizing customer experiences. Specialists in AI and ML will be sought after to develop intelligent algorithms, create predictive models, and apply automation techniques to improve operational efficiency. These professionals will shape the future of telecoms, enabling innovative services and smarter networks.

6. Internet of Things (IoT) Architects and Developers

The convergence of telecoms and technology has unlocked immense potential for IoT applications. As IoT continues to expand, professionals with expertise in IoT architecture and development will be highly valued. They will design and implement interconnected ecosystems, enabling seamless communication between devices, data collection, and the development of IoT-enabled services in various sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation. Healthcare is an area that Tangent have delivered huge volumes of talent too over the past 12 months and is an area that we expect to see continued growth from.

7. User Experience (UX) Designers

With the increasing complexity of telecom services and applications, user experience design will play a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers. UX designers will focus on creating intuitive, user-friendly interfaces and experiences that make the most of emerging technologies. Their expertise will be vital in ensuring customer satisfaction, driving adoption, and differentiating products and services in a competitive market.


The convergence of telecoms and technology is an exciting frontier that presents a multitude of opportunities. As new technologies emerge and networks evolve, the demand for skilled professionals will continue to rise. Careers in network infrastructure, data science, cybersecurity, cloud computing, AI/ML, IoT, and UX design will be at the forefront of this convergence. Embracing these areas of expertise will not only empower individuals but also shape the future of telecommunications and technology as we know it.


What can you do as a candidate to stand out?

To stand out in a highly competitive job market shaped by the convergence of telecoms and technology, candidates need to showcase their unique skills and qualities that appeal to customers.  Tangent International work with organisations around the world including those on the Fortune 500 as well as initial start-ups, this gives us a unique view on what candidates can do to really stand out from the crowds. To see the latest opportunities available please check out our website at In the meantime, here are some strategies candidates can employ to make a lasting impression:

1. Develop a T-Shaped Skill Set: In addition to specializing in a particular area, candidates should strive to develop a broad range of skills. Having a deep understanding of one domain while also possessing a working knowledge of related fields allows candidates to bring a holistic perspective to problem-solving, making them more attractive to customers seeking well-rounded professionals.

2. Stay Updated with Emerging Technologies: The telecom and technology landscape is constantly evolving. Candidates should stay abreast of the latest industry trends, emerging technologies, and market demands. Demonstrating a keen interest in continuous learning and adaptability shows customers that candidates are committed to staying at the forefront of their field, bringing fresh ideas and innovative solutions to the table.

3. Highlight Relevant Experience: When applying for jobs in the converged telecoms and technology sector, candidates should emphasize their experience that aligns with customer needs. Highlighting past projects or roles that demonstrate expertise in areas like network optimization, data analysis, cybersecurity, or cloud deployment will help candidates stand out as valuable assets who can address customer pain points effectively. Working with an organisation like Tangent can help you achieve this as we know what customers want to see.

4. Showcase Strong Communication Skills: Effective communication is essential in a customer-centric environment. Candidates should emphasize their ability to communicate complex technical concepts in a clear and understandable manner. Demonstrating strong interpersonal skills, active listening, and the ability to collaborate effectively will give customers confidence in a candidate’s ability to engage with stakeholders and deliver exceptional results.

5. Demonstrate Problem-Solving and Innovation: Telecoms and technology convergence often present complex challenges. Candidates should showcase their problem-solving abilities, highlighting instances where they successfully tackled intricate problems or implemented innovative solutions. Demonstrating a proactive and creative approach to overcoming obstacles will reassure customers that candidates can add value to their projects and drive positive outcomes.

6. Cultivate a Professional Online Presence: In the digital age, a professional online presence is vital. Candidates should curate a strong personal brand through platforms like LinkedIn or professional websites. Sharing industry insights, engaging in relevant discussions, and contributing to open-source projects or online communities can help candidates establish themselves as thought leaders and showcase their expertise to potential customers.

In summary, candidates can appeal to customers by showcasing a diverse skill set, staying updated with emerging technologies, emphasizing relevant experience, highlighting strong communication skills, demonstrating problem-solving abilities, and cultivating a professional online presence. By implementing these strategies, candidates can position themselves as valuable assets to customers and increase their chances of success in the converging telecoms and technology job market.

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