Product Listing

The Suite of Tangent Products

Recruitment has evolved, and so have we. Our evolution combines upgrades to the traditional recruitment services along with new cutting edge solutions. Our products listing will give you a clear overview of all that we offer, and why our service range will give you the edge, no matter what size you are.

The products are split between recruitment and solutions, as per below:

Flexible Workforce: Flex, Outsource, Global 

Build Permanent Teams: RaaS, HireMe, On Demand

View each of our six products by clicking the product icon below:

Product: Flex

Our agile Contract contingent product.

Product: Outsource

Project delivery model, for distinct parcels of work.

Product: Global Solutions

Global Product is designed for major corporations with international requirements.

Product: RaaS

Our subscription model for mission and time-critical roles.

Product: Hire Me

Our In-house Outsource for significant recruitment drives.

Product: OnDemand

A superior Permanent recruitment service