Site Regional Manager


Job Description

Kimberly Hume is looking for a Site Regional Manager to work a 6-month rolling contract based in South Africa (Limpopo).


  • Assumes responsibility for the delivery results of regional projects.
  • Formulates the regional project organization structure and organizational construction, and manages, appraises and motivates the project team members.
  • Takes charge of regional project operation, and performs regional progress, cost, and quality management in accordance with the objectives issued by the project team to ensure that the project implementation meets the customer requirements and contract requirements. Takes the most direct responsibility for the successful delivery of the project cost and contract.
  • Manages regional customer relationships in the project implementation phase, and establishes, coordinates, and improves customer relationships through effective communication management and project operation.
  • Raises alarms and escalates major problems in the process of regional project implementation in a timely manner.
  • Manages internal and external stakeholders of the project, balances the requirements of all parties, and determines the project scope and reasonable project objectives in accordance with the contract.
  • Makes decisions for major problems during the implementation of regional projects, and raises and escalates alarms in a timely manner.
  • Organizes the completion of the construction organization design solution for regional projects.
  • Formulates the regional project engineering progress baseline plans and acceptance plans in accordance with the project objectives.
  • Have the experience about site maintenance project management

Please note: The client is looking for consultants based in South Africa.

Job Overview

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