Site Engineer


Job Description

Lola Liu is looking for a Site Engineer.

Knowledge requirements:

  • Have experience in planning, design, and implementation of communication projects, have knowledge and experience related to civil engineering/site energy in the communication industry, and be able to complete the design of towers, computer rooms, civil engineering, and electrical.
  • Be familiar with the design standards and specifications of wireless sites, understand or even be familiar with wireless network products, site structure and civil engineering design, and be familiar with CAD design software;


  • Effective communication skills: Can effectively communicate technical solutions, project plans and progress internally and externally.
  • Business problem-solving ability: the ability to solve problems systematically through accurate analysis and positioning.
  • Technical solution capabilities: Familiar with company processes and product characteristics, and capable of developing product technical solutions.
  • Risk and problem management: Able to identify technical problems, formulate solution plans and solutions, and promote problem resolution according to company procedures.
  • Fluent in Russian and English.

Job Overview

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