QA Site Engineer

Job Description

Kimberly Hume is urgently looking for a QA Site Engineer to work on a 6-month rolling contract based in South Africa (Cape Town).


Please note: Due to the urgent nature of this role, the client is only considering candidates already based in South Africa.


Job Description:

Telecom service quality management demands insight into customers’ perceptions of service quality. With this in place, you can prioritize network performance management based on forecasts of the influence of events on customer experience, and thus deliver high-level customer service assurance. Its purpose is to ensure that, every time a process is performed, the same information, methods, skills and controls are used and applied in a consistent manner.



  • Candidates must have at least 3 years experience in Quality Management
  • Monitors the project quality process, and assists the quality manager in quality management during project operation
  • Monitors and organizes the handling of quality problems during project implementation
  • Organizes and implements the project sampling inspection, quality analysis, and improvement during the project quality management process.
  • Organizes subcontractors to implement training on regulations, standards, and engineering quality control.
  • Delivers quality inspection reports to the quality manager.

Civil Works:

  • Excavation, Blinding, Rebar, Earthing, Foundation, Backfill, Compacting, Tower Foundation, Fencing construction, Power Connections
  • RAN (TI Installations) from BBU to RRU, to Antenna installations & RAN fault troubleshooting & dry alarms testing


  • From CTN to IDU to ODU installation, and LOS (line of site) as well as MW panning
  • Some experience on site build acceptance
  • Some exposure on Quality Control & Quality Management Aspects, having good insight into how quality management works will be ideal.

Job Overview


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