Principle Marketing Consultant


Job Description

Lola Liu is looking for a Principle Marketing Consultant.


  • Conduct different forms of high-level Marketing customer engagement activities including meetings with Telecom Operators CMOs & CEOs, workshops & summits to collect customer voice & communicate Huawei solutions with focus on high level decision makers.
  • Build trust and consensus with internal and external stakeholders towards deeper co-operation and information sharing & acceptance of Huawei recommended solutions.
  • Prepare engagement materials including analysis, case sharing & recommendations to influence customer buy-in for Huawei consulting solutions
  • Explore regional & global telecom trends for deep understanding of Telecom Market opportunities & challenges of market development
  • Collect & Analyse multiple sources of internal and external data to identify high level customer business & Marketing pain points from multiple dimensions including Strategy, Marketing mix, financial figures, customer experience, services, sales channels & experience.
  • Formulate business and/or Technology consulting solutions & recommendations to satisfy customer requirements and solve customer problems in light of customer capabilities & budgets

Job Overview

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