NOC Engineer


Job Description

Fay White is looking for a NOC Engineer to work a 6-month rolling contract based in South Africa (Port Elizabeth).

Job Description:

  • Acts as the person in charge of the NOC, including hotline, monitoring, second-line technical support, configuration management, and performance management.
  • Analyzes the project KPI/SLA, identifying problems and formulating improvement measures to ensure that the KPI/SLA meets the contract requirements.
  • Manages network faults, monitors fault handling, and escalates problems.
  • Implements preventive maintenance on the network side, and remotely solves potential network problems in advance.
  • Manages changes, including formulating and implementing network change plans, and formulating, rehearsing, and implementing network emergency plans.
  • Manages performance, and outputs reports during routine O&M.
  • Coordinates with customers and third parties.
  • Improves the skills of NOC personnel.

    Please note: The client is looking for consultants based in South Africa.

Job Overview

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