Microwave Product Technical Engineer


Job Description

Kimberly Hume is looking for a Microwave Product Technical Engineer to work a 6 month rolling contract based in Sierra Leone (Freetown).


  • Assists in the review, verification, and release of software versions and related supporting documents.
  • Handles major problems and outputs problem analysis reports.
  • Reviews the major operation plan and provides operating guidance.
  • Transfer skills to subcontractors and customers.
  • Maintain customer relationship and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Outputs, verifies, and implements engineering technical solutions.
  • Daily management of project technical delivery

Technical Requirements:

  • Planning, design, solution development, and review of complicated networks
  • Be capable of formulating and implementing the engineering technical delivery solution for major projects.
  • Be able to develop, review, and implement technical solution for major operations in a large-scale network.
  • Be capable of handling difficult and emergency faults.
  • Support for bidding of major projects
  • Be capable of managing large-scale microwave projects.
  • Be able to compile the corresponding technical notices and technical guidance documents.

Job Overview

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