Microwave Engineer


Job Description

Kimberly Hume is looking for Back Office Microwave Engineer to work a 6 month rolling contract roll based in South Africa (Johannesburg).

  • Takes charge of the commissioning, debugging, cutover, and acceptance of microwave products.
  • Transfers skills to technical engineers of representative offices and outsourcing personnel.
  • Provides technical support and troubleshooting for maintenance during the engineering period.
  • Handles the faults escalated from the front line of microwave products.(Management)
  • Upgrades the faults that cannot be handled by the second line of microwave equipment to the third line of technical support.(Management)
  • Conducts preventive maintenance of microwave products.(Management)
  • Provides optimization suggestions or solutions in accordance with microwave network problems.(Management)
  • Have the experience about MS

Please note: Due to urgent hiring the client is looking for consultants based in South Africa.

Job Overview

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