IP & Security Engineer


Job Description

Fay White is urgently looking for an IP & Security Engineer to work on a 2-year rolling contract based in Bangalore, India.


Main duties/responsibilities:

  • Ensure that the company’s IP infrastructure and applications meet the needs of the company’s business strategy, Customer management and Next Generation networks.
  • Ensure the high availability and reliability of the network supporting the region’s Internet/Voice and Data systems.
  • Design and implement autonomous Internet and IP/Data networks to support business and customer needs.
  • Select the appropriate networking and physical hardware devices to ensure technical integration with existing plug-and-play architecture
  • Liaise with hardware/software suppliers and ensure that all support/maintenance contracts are adequate and offer the best value to the business.
  • Develop processes and procedures outlining clear operational guidelines.
  • Ensure that new initiatives achieve the desired value proposition
  • Facilitate the integration of Network Management (NOC) with full capabilities of effecting surveillance, monitoring and first-line troubleshooting of all network nodes/elements.
  • Ensure that all systems and network elements are designed and implemented with an appropriate level of security, consistent with enterprise security policy.
  • Perform R&D with a view to continuously improving on, technology, products and services and customer care.
  • Establish and communicate appropriate service level agreements (SLAs) for measuring the productivity of key business processes and respective applications
  • Turning business requirements and technology evolution strategy into specific IP network development plans; planning investments and driving the delivery of network expansions, capacity and modernization
  • Creating LLD documents and work orders for the network operations teams responsible with configuration
  • Lead projects, coordinate and deal with suppliers and partners for in-time and in-budget project delivery

Key Deliverables:

  • Planning documents, guidelines and high-level network designs
  • Low-level designs for the network infrastructure and integration of new systems
  • Software upgrade planning, methods and delivery
  • Project managing and reporting the IP network projects
  • Test lists and procedures associated to changes in the network
  • Orders for HW, SW and services required for the projects

Job Overview

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