BO IPRAN Broadband Engineer


Job Description

Ceci Zhang is looking for a BO IPRAN Broadband Engineer, in an French speaking African country.

Main Responsibilities:

  •  Provide technical expertise for the resolution of Broadband and IPRANnetwork service outages in a timely manner (SLA)
  •  Develop, review and approve all enhancement requests that impact the Broadband and IPRAN network domain.
  •  In agreement with the “Problem Manager”, analyse network problems – develop workarounds, final technical solutions, etc… to ensure the restoration of service within the SLA.
  •  Act as an interface with level3 support (vendors) in the analysis of problems, network changes and updates, and software updates/enhancements.
  •  Manage proactive performance review of network elements to improve network availability and performance.

Qualification requirements:

  •  Educational background: Tertiary qualification (Bachelor level) – mandatory.
  •  Post-graduate qualification in either engineering or business – desirable.
  •  Major: in Telecommunications, Electronics, Radio or Computer engineering – essential.
  •  Work experience: Minimum of 8 years experience in network operations – FO, BO and FLM roles with a minimum of 5 years of multi-operator experience – mandatory.

Required knowledge and skills:

  • Detailed knowledge of all existing Broadband network technologies: MSAN/OLT NOKIA, MSAN/OLT HUAWEI, AMS, NCE, BNG/BRAS Juniper…mandatory.
  • Detailed knowledge and Experience of IPRAN: Routers/Switchs Huawei, Cisco, IP protocols (MPLS L2/L3, SR, BGP, QoS, IPSec ) – mandatory.
  • Knowledge of enterprise databases – essential.
  • Experience of real time, 24×7 operations – essential.
  • Ability to meet targets under a high stress operational environment – essential.
  • Strong communication skills – essential.
  • Language skills – fluency (written and verbal) in English – essential.
  • Language skills – fluency (written and verbal) in French – desirable.

Job Overview

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