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Injecting Productive Talent into Project Teams

We can supply you with an instant injection of talent from a single expert at HQ, to a 100-strong, multi-disciplinary team re-located across multiple locations. From the moment a contractor is ordered, to project completion, all your requirements will be resolved; no matter how rare and in-demand the talent is or how complex the national and geographic challenges are. Our team will smooth the path so talent can flow into your project and perform at peak productivity in the minimum of time.

We will ensure every contractor has every need covered from start to end so that you can reap the rewards of a flexible, expert workforce with a minimum of fuss and management time.

Also, we’ll prepare each contractor to ensure they are ‘match-fit’ and ready to contribute to your hybrid teams, which is one of the challenges of projects implementing smart, connected products and services. For example, we'll not only manage all the compliance and logistics of re-locating your contractor, but we'll also prep them to overcome the working practices of colleagues across disciplines – for a software engineer this could be the conflict between their agile development and an engineer’s rigid and sequential waterfall model.

Value-add: New Technology Stack

The new technology stack for a smart, connected business world will often require new hybrid teams with a blend of skills, cultures and working models. Through our focus and experience of designing these teams, we can provide you with invaluable advice, and can even take on statement work projects to manage the whole team delivery, and project milestones.

Quality Control

Each contractor you receive from us will be screened and selected on four standard levels:

  • Proven skill set to meet project requirements
  • Relevant project experience to add value
  • Personality and motivational assessment to meet demands to the project, e.g. commitment to re-location
  • Compliance and background checks, from qualifications to visa requirements.

Our screening will remove risk and delay for each new contractor, and is the reason we have 98% completion rate from our contractors over 20,000 placements.

Success Metrics

  • Our screening process has resulted in 99% of contracts started on time and a completion rate of 98%
  • We have successfully delivered over one hundred projects that required more than 100 contractors
  • We have 98% customer satisfaction score, recorded through post-placement interviews, see testimonials
  • We were awarded best Contract supplier in 
  • We receive on average 60 thank you emails from contractors and clients per month

The Tangent Service - Making Recruitment Flow

The flawless recruitment and retention service we deliver is based on our five-stage journey, they are detailed below, Click on the icon below to display the features of which sector you'll receive.

1. The Consultation

-  Initial discussion with one of Tangents specialist niche recruiters. Our experts understand your market, achieved by our consultants’ long tenure with us in their niche market. We’ll uncover the culture & environment through interviews or by attending site personally to really gain a flavour. Our two service products Flow and Bond ensure talent is found and stays with you.

2. Global Search

 - Our search is a powerful blend of channels and teams, channel and % of the source: database 35%; advertising 15%; Head hunting 27%; Social Media Team 12%; Referrals – 11%. 24 / 7 Search teams – Always on with access to over 190 nationalities. Concentric rings approach Local, Regional then International. 

3. Managed Selection

 -  Our tightly managed selection process blends efficiency with effectiveness. We use video Snapfiles and personality tests to optimise screening of candidates. Further support through Interview coaching for clients; end to end management of interview process wherever it is in the world. Also, Interview specialists can attend interviews to ensure process runs smoothly. 

4. Nurture Onboarding

 -  We keep on working after the selection is made to ensure smooth on-boarding. We carefully manage the offer and capture everything in a new starter pack – ensures no surprises. We’ll Manage relocation including schooling and family allowing candidates to focus on the job, plus Visas & Work Permits managed, and even airport collection.

5. Engaged Performer

 - Welcome packs for each new joiner, the packs details all the info they need about the role, company and Tangent Support staff.

For Contractors we have Assignment Support. The Assignment Support teams go to extraordinary lengths to smooth the transition to a new location. The menu of support options include:  relocation and accommodation (short-term & long-term), family relocation, travel, insurances, visas, work permits.

 - An additional and optional service is ‘Capture’, our engagement tool and process, which measures engagement and happiness of our contractor workforce. By enabling our customers to monitor trends & changes in the contractor communities’ feelings we ensure potential problems can be dealt with quickly before it results in attrition. 

Permanent Service: Easily Access a World of Opportunity

As an experienced professional in technology and communications, you can have the pick of the best roles on offer. Finding a new job is straightforward, and most agencies can find you one. But to offer you the best role available anywhere in the world; one that is perfect for your skill set and experience - in an industry that is undergoing dramatic change - requires an outstanding agency.

At Tangent, we'll help you choose and win the best roles available on the planet, through our three-pronged approach: the range and quality of permanent positions; honest, expert advice, and our full-life-cycle service. What you'll receive from us in more detail:

The Most Desirable Roles

We can offer you the most rewarding roles across communications and technology, especially in the most exciting domain: smart, connected products and services IoT. The range and quality of roles we have available means we can offer you a career move that matches your experience, ambition and personality.

Our Client Accounts Teams have a continual stream of permanent positions across the best employers in the industry; from cutting-edge disruptor brands to the largest multi-nationals. So, speak to our consultants in the Permanent team to find out about the roles available today, and the ones we have in the pipeline.

Of course, the most highly prized jobs are very popular, that's why our perm consultants will thoroughly prepare you for the selection process and sell you in, all the way to the final offer.

Advice and Insight

You are an expert in your field, and you'll be planning your next career move carefully, but with the market and technologies moving so quickly across the globe it can be hard to have the full picture. Through our broad range of projects and networked teams located across the four corners of the globe, we have a unique insight into the market and all the players in it.

We use this knowledge to advise you on the best next step, or maybe several steps. For example, if you are an infrastructure expert and you want to move to the hot new area of cyber security, we'll help you make the move with sound career advice - our advice is free, but you'll find it invaluable.  

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