Case Study: Bridging Talent Gaps in Fintech

Client: A global leader in online payment processing, known for its comprehensive services including a payment gateway, subscription billing, invoicing, fraud prevention, and multi-currency support. Challenge: For three months, our client faced significant challenges in hiring Frontend and Backend developers for their issuing and bank transfers engineering teams based in London. The scarcity of developers with the necessary industry experience in the local market had stalled their recruitment process, despite having engaged with numerous potential candidates. Solution: Leveraging Tangent International’s advanced technological stack and deep market expertise, we targeted the passive candidate market, which is often untapped by traditional recruitment methods. Our strategy involved a sophisticated AI-driven search and analysis, which identified signals indicating potential candidates “likely to change” and those who precisely matched the job specifications but were not actively seeking new opportunities. Outcome: Our approach successfully unveiled 16 high-caliber candidates previously unknown to the client. This pool led to seven candidates being shortlisted for interviews, three advancing to final-stage interviews, and ultimately, two outstanding offers were accepted. These candidates, equipped with the required skills and expertise, started on-site within weeks, swiftly transitioning from potential hires to impactful team members. This successful placement not only filled the critical skill gaps but also significantly accelerated our client’s project timelines, showcasing Tangent’s ability to deliver precise solutions in seemingly impossible scenarios. This case study exemplifies Tangent’s commitment to innovation and excellence in fintech recruitment, transforming hiring challenges into success stories through a blend of technology and expertise.

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