Electrical Certification Coordinator


Job Description

Kimberly Hume is looking for a Electrical Certification Coordinator to work 6 month rolling contracts based in the Belgium (Zaventem / Hybrid is considered)

Job Description:

  • As Electrical Certification Coordinator, you manage the production plans for periodical electrical certification of mobile network sites related in accordance with the Electrical Certification standards (EWC/RGIE/AREI) with the aim to get approved (A/Green) certificates.
  • The responsibility is to define and steer the planning of our suppliers, you shall make sure the certificates are stored into the applicable databases. In the event of a failed certification, your duty is to initiate the necessary actions and corrections, ensuring timely resolution.
  • For this function, you shall be well organized and you are advanced knowledge to work with MS Excel and you shall have a passion to work with administrative tasks and ability to strive for perfection.


  • You should be advanced in working with MS Excel. You should have a good knowledge to work with Data Sorting and Filtering, Tables and PivotTables, Data Import and Export, you know how to use advanced functions like VLOOKUP, XLOOKUP and you are able to identify and troubleshoot errors in formulas.
  • You are well organized; you are capable to manage and oversee a workstream and are capable to set the right priorities to support your workstream.
  • You shall have some understanding of electrical installations and safety regulations and instructions and electrical regulations applicable in Belgium (AREI/RGIE).
  • Languages: Good knowledge of one of English and one of the local languages is a must (Dutch or French).

Please Note: The client is looking for consultants based in Belgium.

Job Overview

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