Mobile Money Maintenance Engineer


Job Description

Ceci Zhang is looking for a Mobile Money Maintenance Engineer to work in a African country.


  • Install hardware, including x86 servers, storage devices, switches, and firewalls. Infrastructure LLD design and implementation, including network topology design, IP address design, VM design, storage design, FusionSphere system installation, VM installation, OS installation, and database installation.
  • Mobile Money&EVC software installation, service integration, and commissioning.
  • Mobile Money&EVC service test, including interface test, function test, performance test, integration test, and acceptance test.
  • Analyse new Mobile Money&EVC requirements and output an analysis report or FRS. If instantiation configuration is involved, output a configuration document and guide the customer to complete the configuration.
  • Mobile Money&EVC technical problem solving, health check, rectification, monitoring, and DR switchover test.
  • Mobile Money&EVC routine maintenance, including customer problem handling, routine KPI monitoring, alarm monitoring, problem analysis, solution output, and risk contingency plan update.


  • Familiar with x86 servers, Oceanstore storage devices, switches, firewalls, SUSE, and Oracle. Be able to independently install hardware and create SUSE scripts and SQL commands.
  • Familiar with private cloud, NFV, NFVI, and #FusionSphere¬†products.
  • Familiar with the Mobile Money&EVC product, service process, architecture, package, and instantiation configuration.
  • Familiar with Mobile Money&EVC system installation, service commissioning, integration, and test.
  • Familiar with Mobile Money&EVC maintenance, troubleshooting, script development, health check, hardware check, maintenance process, and emergency recovery.
  • Proficient in English is mandatory.
  • At least three years of MM/EVC project delivery or maintenance experience.
  • Experience in Huawei MM/EVC project delivery or maintenance is preferred.

Job Overview

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