Sales Development Representative


Job Description

Urgent need for a Sales Development Representative based in Austin Texas. The client is looking for a Sales Development Representative (SDR) who will play a key role on the front end of our sales cycle. The SDR will prospect for leads, make cold calls, send emails, engage in social selling, and qualify potential customers. They will also collaborate with the sales team, attend meetings, and continuously refine their outreach strategies to generate qualified opportunities for the sales pipeline. Will lead the setup of the SDR process based on prior experience. The SDR selling to both businesses and government entities will follow a strategic plan: Handle all incoming leads as well as those coming from our trade show participation (average 2 dozen trade shows per year)
  • Make first contact – qualify and then assign lead to SMA or Enterprise team members.
  • Conduct cold prospecting to generate new leads (those not already in our CRM)
Customized Outreach to existing leads (over 10,000+) in the database including those classified as prospects and those whose free trials have ended.
  • Craft personalized and compelling messages tailored to the specific challenges faced by businesses and government agencies.
  • Utilize multiple channels, including email, phone calls, and social media, to reach key decision-makers.
  • Clearly articulate the unique value proposition, emphasizing how it addresses the specific needs of businesses and government organizations.
  • Highlight the potential for increased efficiency, cost savings, and improved outcomes.
Education and Consultative Selling:
  • The SDR will act as a consultant, offering insights into industry trends and challenges and providing educational content and resources to demonstrate the expertise and value the product brings.
Establish Trust:
  • Build trust by showcasing successful case studies and testimonials from similar businesses and government agencies.
Collaborate with Sales Team:
  • Work closely with the sales team to ensure a seamless transition of qualified leads into the sales pipeline.
  • Provide detailed and accurate information on leads to facilitate the sales process.
Consistent Follow-Up:
  • Implement a consistent follow-up strategy to nurture leads and address any additional questions or concerns.
  • Be persistent in maintaining communication while respecting the prospect’s preferences.
Adaptation and Continuous Improvement:
  • Stay informed about industry changes, competitor offerings, and client feedback.
  • Continuously refine outreach strategies based on performance metrics and feedback from interactions.
Metrics and Reporting:
  • Regularly track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rates, response rates, and pipeline contribution.
  • Utilize Hubspot to track leads and maintain appropriate details on leads and trial conversions.

Job Overview

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