IN Expert


Job Description

James Bundock is looking for an IN Expert to work a 12 month rolling contract in Saudi Arabia.


  • Experience and knowledge of different charging system and VAS projects and design.
  • Advanced understanding HLD/LLD design handling, auditing and translating to analysis and reporting requirements.
  • High experience in dealing with charging system configuration, dumps and CDRs to extract/audit network information and performance.
  • IN/VAS nodes in terms of solution, configuration, statistics, KPIs and reporting tools.
  • 5G SA and new VAS SDF statistics to UPM intergradation are highly challenging conditions that need skilled Expert for startup of different processes, KPIs.
  • Charging system expert at multiple levels (design, business configuration and performance). This includes features, functions, building logics, offers, roaming programs, Building LLD/HLD/MOP, E2E testing etc.
  • Experienced on analysing dumps and CDRs charging system different nodes (AIR, CCN, OCC, SDP, VS).
  • Project and integration experience background that facilitates building required analysis reports covering different angles of stakeholders.
  • VAS variant systems performance experience.
  • Hands on required data analytics skills SQL, ENIQ, UPM, Machine learning basis, office…etc.
  • Improvement proposals covering end user experience, new IN features, new business cases with reference to global markets.
  • IN and VAS network performance analysis (i.e. Customers FUP logic analysis between different platforms: IN/ESDP/CRM).

Please note: The client can only accept candidates who are based in Saudi already.

Job Overview

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