Full Stack Developers

Job Description

Joseph McNulty is looking for a range of Full Stack Developers who can support the development of LMS systems and patient-facing systems across all ICS regions. The developers will be required to work alongside existing developers, attend daily stand-ups and report directly to a development manager. This role will be based within IR35, starting ASAP.



  • Advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Experience of working for CMS systems
  • A very good understanding of JavaScript with jQuery
  • Skills using Adobe Creative Cloud software such as Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Knowledge of SEO and being able to include best practices within design and development
  • You will have a UX mindset and be thinking about best UX practices in all of your designs
  • Be able to design to WACG AA standard • Knowledge of prototyping software such Adobe XD and/or Sketch is a plus
  • An understanding of web analytics (Google Analytics and Data Studio) and tag management (Google Tag Manager) would be a plus
  • SEO Experience
  • HTML, CSS, Node.JS, React. JS, React Native,
  • 5 years of PHP Experience
  • Modern MVC Framework e.g. Zend, Symphony, Laravel
  • MySQL
  • XML, SOAP, JSON and RESTful
  • LAMP/ WAMP Stack
  • Knowledge of IS027001

Job Overview


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