Contract Manager


Job Description

Ying Cui is looking for a Contract Manager to work in Africa.

Preferred majors:

  • project management, contract management, international trade

Professional knowledge:

  • Master knowledge of international trade
  • contract-related laws, finance, products, taxation, logistics, international project management, etc
  • Have relevant work experience

Job description:

Pre-sales work:

  • Organize the contract review process, including formulating review rules, organizing review, monitoring review execution, management function review, providing review training and publicity
  • Organize the bidding/contract decision-making process, including process rule formulation, decision-making organization and operation
  • Closed-loop management of management decision-making conclusions and review of decision-making process operations.
  • Focus on bidding/contract review and decision-making, identify pain points, formulate relevant rules, analyze data, manage and guide process compliance operations

After-sales work:

  • Manage contract/purchase order entry efficiency and quality
  • Monitor the contract change process and manage negative changes
  • Responsible for management and operation
  • Manage contract closure, promote the resolution of abnormal problems, and achieve closure goals

Job Overview

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