Civil Safety Certification Coordinator


Job Description

Ryan Harrington is looking for a Civil Safety Certification Coordinator to work on a 12-month rolling contract based in Belgium (Zaventem).



  • As Civils Safety Certification Coordinator, you are key contributor to keep control over the yearly production plan of the safety and electrical certification of the mobile network sites (Safe To Climb: STC and Electrical Certification: EWC/RGIE).
  • The responsibility is to follow up the planning of the Certification Companies (SECT), make sure the certificates are available on the defined locations and in case of a RED-certificate, launch the needed actions to have the corrections done.


  • You act as a coordinator for the STC & EWC/RGIE certifications. You create the yearly production plan and provide this plan to the Certification Companies (SECT) and you do a regular follow-up and steer the progress on the production plan.
  • You make sure that all the certifications are uploaded into the appropriate databases, and all the milestones are toggled.
  • On a monthly basis, you compile data such as the progress of the production plan and RED certificates for each customer into the slides to be used on the performance meeting.
  • You analyse the RED certificates and request a price offer for the reworks needed on-site to get a GREEN certificate. You secure that the price offer is accepted by our customer and you secure the works are started and completed with the agreed deadline and service level agreement (SLA)
  • Participate in the monthly KPI meetings with the SECT.
  • Participate in the bi-weekly customer meetings.
  • Maintaining the databases (which include the RISS platform). Upload the Site Sharing certificates on a Weekly basis & check monthly for new certificates from other operators. knowledge areas
  • You shall have full understanding of the applicable installation instructions and electrical regulations applicable in Belgium (AREI/RGIE).
  • You are specialized in Safe to Climb installations and have a good understanding of Health and Safety.

Other requirements:

  • Candidate shall possess a driving license cat B and has own car to drive to the sites within Belgium territory. The work is usually performed from the Zaventem office, but sporadic site visits are required.
  • Candidate shall have own mobile phone (Android based) and own voice and data subscription.
  • Mobile phone shall be capable to take clear pictures to be used for uploading in the databases.

When applying, please state:

  • How much experience do you have as a Civils Safety Certification Coordinator?
  • Where are you currently based?
  • What is your availability to start work?
  • How much salary are you looking for in € per day?

Job Overview

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