2nd Level Operations CS Core Engineer
Full Time

Job Description

Mohamed Aladdin is looking for a 2nd level operations CS core engineer to work in Saudi Arabia.



  • Responsible for the processes of integration / modification/ and changing within live network of CS nodes (UDC solution/ PGs/ HSSs-FE / HLRs-FE/ FNRs/ MSSs Blade Cluster/ MGWs/ STPs/ IP-STPs/ GMSCs/ and HSS/5GC SA); including the integration of new nodes, and the producing of new services.
  • Managing the implementation of Network Designs, interacting with customer’s technical needs, and managing customer’s network topology.
  • Handling configuration scripts for Analysis Tables; included but not limited: “Pre B- Number Analysis, B-number Analysis, A-Number Analysis, Routing Analysis, EOS analysis, Call Forwarding Analysis, SSF Triggering Tables, HLR LA Number Series Analysis, C7 Global Title analysis, and IMSI Series Analysis”, and developing cross- functional communication and relationship with other departments to ensure close coordination for projects.
  • Solution-oriented having strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Using KPIs and dependability performance parameters along with statistics monitoring and supervision to evaluate network’s performance and capacity and recommend improvements to cope with customer demands.
  • Performing Quarterly Audits for all CS Core Nodes to ensure all configurations are set according to approved NW designs and to communicate updates if required.
  • Strong knowledge of SIGTRAN configuration, and (Nb/IP, A/IP and IuCs/IP) configuration from both MSC & MGW sides, and strong knowledge of MNP configuration.
  • Excellent knowledge in Triggering Tables configuration for IN interrogation, and sufficient knowledge of CSFB configuration as part of LTE evolution.
  • Performing RNCs and BSCs rehoming.
  • Excellent knowledge of signaling configuration and routing (LSL, HSL, M2PA), and GMSR filtering.
  • Preparing scripts for configurations over HSS/vHSS including definition for APNs/ EsmContext / EsmProfile/ and RealMs routing.

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