Mary Gao


Mary Gao

Sales Support - Contract

Mary Gao

Sales Support - Contract

Communications, Technology

As one of the new members of the Chinese Consultant recruitment team here at Tangent Mary shows great promise in her position, as she comes from a medical and pharmaceutical background in Beijing, where customer service and care is essential.

With 5 years experience in the area of recruitment for her team, she has already made a great impact in her first few months with the IT and Telecom division recruiting for key clients.

Having excellent communication skills and excelling in her previous management roles Mary has all the personal skill set such as:

Organization, Reliability, Empathy, Professional ethics, Self confidence & Client relationship building

A vast experience in international compliance

Mary can more than adequately assist you in your pursuit of the perfect position.

Easy to talk to in person or on the phone, Mary’s conversational skills in English or Chinese, and her vast personal life experience makes her the perfect person to assist you with your recruitment needs.

When she is not swimming, doing Yoga or fencing she keeps fit dancing.