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您将要么使通信的“管道”更有效, 例如5G NFV, 或转变为智能互联世界. 无论您在哪个方面,我们的专业人员供应将优化您的网络,推动转型並为我们带来新的收入来源.





Compliance and Logistics

No compliance issue too complex, no location too remote.

For you to enjoy access to the world's supply of tech talent, you need an operation that can move whole teams safely and securely anywhere in the world. Our Compliance and Logistics teams can overcome any bureaucratic hurdle or relocation puzzle you'll ever have. It's all part of our Bond TM service to ensure your new hire is performing on your project or team swiftly.

Our suite of services breaks down as follows:

Accommodation Assistance

The number one concern of your new hire will be accommodation: a home that is affordable, comfortable, convenient and safe. Our network of apartments and agents spans the globe, and in our 40 years we’ve arranged relocations in almost every country – only North Korea eludes our global footprint.

Total Compliance

All the talent we provide is 100% compliant; no matter what standards you or your region set.  Our checks and paper-trail will give you peace of mind by removing all risk. Also, we can arrange any visas required and ensure all parties are updated throughout the process.

Travel Assistance

Every step of your new hires' journey will be meticulously planned so that relocation is made simple and hassle free. A feature which can help you secure talent in today’s competitive market. Our track record will reassure any candidate.

Health matters

We plan for every eventuality, but occasionally issues such as poor health or accidents occur. No matter how severe the situation is, our gold level insurance will step in to cover the most unlikely or catastrophic the problems anywhere in the world.

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