Service by Role: HR, Line Manager, MSP

Service by Role: HR, Line Manager, MSP

Depending on your role, you'll have different priorities when recruiting. At Tangent, we embrace all the different needs of our clients and tailor our service accordingly. 

HR Manager

How our service meets the needs of modern HR functions.

The role of HR is becoming ever-more strategic in attracting and retaining talent in a very competitive labour market. The skills your company needs are often rare, and the challenge of hiring is often delaying projects and growth plans.

Against this backdrop, HR is viewed as increasingly strategic with a voice on the board. At Tangent, we understand this and seek to provide to not only supply HR and Talent Acquisition teams, the talent they need but also the expert consultancy you need to make better decisions. Also, we ensure the recruitment experience for everyone in your team - and internal clients - matches your expectations and HR processes. For many recruiters ‘getting round HR' has become a sport, at Tangent, we embrace HR as our partners.

The evidence behind our Promise: 

  •  We have an ISO accreditation 9001 that ensures compliance standards and global logistics are applied rigorously, allowing HR to use our services with no risk, therefore lightening the load on HR teams
  • Our compliance and screening will ensure HR never have to worry about legal issues with our candidates
  • By partnering with us, we will strengthen the reputation of your HR function because we can deliver high-performing talent swiftly, for example, we recruited over 100 skilled and rare professionals for global telco within six months

Line Manager

Meeting the needs of line managers in a competitive market.

Your role as a line manager in technology, which is undergoing dramatic change, is becoming increasingly difficult due to the ever-tightening talent pool. This issue is impacting your projects and is causing recruitment and retention take up too much of your precious management bandwidth. At Tangent, we've been the trusted partner for line managers the world over for 40 years. 

We know just how important is for you to win the talent and skills you need for your team to succeed. Even though there’s a shortage of skills, we go to great lengths to ensure you have new team members with the personality and attitude your team needs. Also, increasingly, the profile of top talent you’ll need will actually need to disrupt the old ways of working, as smart, connected business transforms the org charts and approaches of traditional tech, communications and engineering teams.

Our unique recruitment model delivered under two completely product services, Flow and Bond, are a ‘fully wrapped’ services which handle recruitment and retention from pipeline planning through to relocation and retention. For example, we help companies retain talent by teaching their employees how to contribute to the success of their business.

In fact, we go so far as to say we are the global leader in this service. We work with some of the largest companies across the globe, and we’ll often custom-design solutions to overcome tech and geographic challenges.

The Stats behind our Promise:

  • Our streamlined recruitment saves 20% of recruitment duration and 15% of managers time
  • Our accuracy of matching both tech skills and culture fit achieves 96% success rate in perm and contract placements and probation clearance
  • Our global logistics and compliance capability reduces risk and saves time – we resolve all issues globally within 24 hours
  • All contractors are paid successfully globally, we have 98.8 success rate for on-time, accurate payment, creating happier contact workforce
  • We have ten offices around the world, more than 100 employees, and the ability to deliver services in 15 languages.

MSP Manager

Our MSP service meets the very exact needs of MSP managers. 

Your ability to select and build a partnership with the best suppliers for your clients determines the success of your MSP offering. Increasingly, an MSP needs its agencies to hit the sweet spot of having both niche specialisms and a global scale and infrastructure. Core competencies when delivering rate talent consistently for large enterprises. For example, we were able to recruit over 100 skilled and rare professionals for a global telco within six months. 

It is assignments like these that have built our brand name over many years, which will give you confidence in place us in front of your clients for shortlisting.

At Tangent, we can provide your MSP with the niche, rare talent your clients demand, along with the expert consultancy and global logistics that will push your annual customer ratification scores into the 90% bracket. Within the technology and communications sphere, we can smoothly plug into your framework - helping you to meet your SLAs across the globe.

Today’s sophisticated MSP offers its clients value add-devices such as MIS reports and market insights. Our investment in systems and adherence to data policies allows us to provide you all the reporting and data you need to produce world-class human capital reports.


Providing a recruitment service that fulfils the requirements of procurement managers.

  • We will provide Procurement with the talent, expert consultancy and service level their business needs to well-defined budgets where our value is easy to measure
  • Our ISO accreditation, compliance standards and global logistics will lighten the burden and risk across the whole of the organisation
  • Our compliance and screening will ensure Procurement never have to worry about legal issues with our candidates
  • We are able to deliver high-performing talent swiftly, for example, we recruited over 100 skilled and rare professionals for global telco within 6 months

The Tangent Service - Making Recruitment Flow

The flawless recruitment and retention service we deliver is based on our five-stage journey, they are detailed below, Click on the icon below to display the features of which sector you'll receive.

1. The Consultation-  Initial discussion with one of Tangents specialist niche recruiters. Our experts understand your market, achieved by our consultants’ long tenure with us in their niche market. We’ll uncover the culture & environment through interviews or by attending site personally to really gain a flavour. Our two service products Flow and Bond ensure talent is found and stays with you.

2. Global Search - Our search is a powerful blend of channels and teams, channel and % of the source: database 35%; advertising 15%; Head hunting 27%; Social Media Team 12%; Referrals – 11%. 24 / 7 Search teams – Always on with access to over 190 nationalities. Concentric rings approach Local, Regional then International. 

3. Managing the Recruitment -  Our tightly managed selection process blends efficiency with effectiveness. We use video Snapfiles and personality tests to optimise screening of candidates. Further support through Interview coaching for clients; end to end management of interview process wherever it is in the world. Also, Interview specialists can attend interviews to ensure process runs smoothly. 

4. Onboarding -  We keep on working after the selection is made to ensure smooth on-boarding. We carefully manage the offer and capture everything in a new starter pack – ensures no surprises. We’ll Manage relocation including schooling and family allowing candidates to focus on the job, plus Visas & Work Permits managed, and even airport collection.

Engaged Performer - Welcome packs for each new joiner, the packs details all the info they need about the role, company and Tangent Support staff. 
 For Contractors we have Assignment Support. The Assignment Support teams go to extraordinary lengths to smooth the transition to a new location. The menu of support options include:  relocation and accommodation (short-term & long-term), family relocation, travel, insurances, visas, work permits.
Engagement Booster - An additional and optional service is ‘Capture’, our engagement tool and process, which measures engagement and happiness of our contractor workforce. By enabling our customers to monitor trends & changes in the contractor communities’ feelings we ensure potential problems can be dealt with quickly before it results in attrition. 

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