Employers | Communications

Employers | Communications

Access to the World’s Supply of Communications Experts

We will give you the communications talent you need to succeed in the Smart Connected World. 

You will be either making the ‘pipes' of communication more efficient, eg 5G NFV, or transforming to a smart, connected world. No matter which journey you’re on, our supply of professionals will optimise your networks, drive transformation, and open up new revenue streams.

If you are moving to Smart Connected business, the challenges are immense but the rewards are great. Overcoming the challenges and reaping the rewards will only happen, though, if you have the best talent; telecoms professionals who can adjust to new ways of working and are fully integrated with all the disciplines required to make Smart Connected a reality.

With churn at 40%, the complex and embryonic new teams you create will collapse unless you can build fully engaged, productive and loyal teams. By partnering with Tangent, we will help you source talent, design the new teams and working practices and factor in ongoing engagement and support to ensure success over the long term.

What: Delivering You  Very Specific Talent  

You need very specific skills and roles, often the most in-demand and rare of talent. To serve your demand for skills, our communications teams are organised globally, around these key disciplines Next Generation Networks, Wireless Infrastructure, Data Communications and Optical.

Where: Global Talent Pool | Global Delivery

The professionals you need are spread across the globe, and the projects and teams you manage are located in the four corners of the globe. All of these challenges are easily handled by us because over the last 40 years we have grown and evolved to meet the demands of all the multi-national telecoms players. 

We've built a network of offices and infrastructure that is fully integrated. We have systems, teams and managers working across ten international offices speaking 25 different languages. View Office Page.

We have a reputation for being able to move teams compliantly compiled of any –and all – skills to any location, seamlessly and safely. See our Services: Logistics and Compliance.

So, no matter what skills you need, no matter what the risk-level of the country - or how quickly you need to build the team, we can deliver. 

Who: From the new Disrupters to the Global Leaders

You need to know you can trust a new recruitment partner: our long-standing clients include every telecoms OEMs -  Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE, Nokia, Alcatel Lucent, Motorola, Samsung & Cisco.

Also, you’ll want a recruitment partner that has relevant experience: we have placed contract and perm staff in a wide variety of telecoms and communications companies, from the multi-nationals to the new disrupters including  Mavenir, Mittel, Net Number, BT & Verizion.