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Employers | Technology

We’ll Give You the Masters of Data Anywhere in the World

Technology, Digital and Security Professionals 

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will link the data from all devices, for example by 2020 50 billion devices will be connected; Your transformation of IT will depend not only on the quality of talent you have in your teams but also their harmonious integration into hybrid teams.

With churn at 40% the complex and embryonic new teams will collapse unless you can achieve momentum with loyal and experienced staff. But with professionals from Tangent, you can meet these challenges head on and thrive. See our Service offering: Perm | Contract 

What: Delivering You Every Niche Skill

You need very specific skills and roles, often the most in-demand and rare of talent. To meet your demands for skills, our tech and digital teams are organised globally, around these key disciplines:  Digital, Cyber Security, Big Data & Analytics, Cloud (XaaS), DevOps, CRM, ERP.  

Where: Global Talent Pool | Global Delivery

The talent you need will be scattered globally, and the projects and teams you manage span the four corners of the world. These challenges are easily handled by us. Over the last 40 years, our multi-national clients have demanded this from us and we’ve built a network of offices and infrastructure that is fully integrated, with systems, teams and managers working on site in ten locations working in 25 different languages. View office details.

Who: From the new Disrupters to the Global Leaders

You need to know you can trust a new recruitment partner: our long-standing clients include every telecoms Tier OEMs, to household names in retail, manufacturing and security. 

You want a partner that has relevant experience: our range of clients in tech includes new start-ups revolutionising cyber security to manufacturers transforming their products to Smart Connected.