Service Products: Talent Flow & Talent Bond

    Our Client Services: Talent Flow & Talent Bond

Talent Flow Bond

We have two clear aims for our clients: to supply the best talent the planet has to offer, and ensure each person we place is the best fit, and is happy and engaged in their new role. 

The two sides of this same coin are split between our two distinct and complementary service lines: Talent Flow and Talent Bond.

Talent Flow enables the world’s best talent to be found, selected and fully prepared for their new role in any country. 

Talent Bond is all about retention. It is an approach and service which eliminates every conceivable barrier to your new permanent or contract joiner from being happy and productive from the start.

Each service comes with clear service commitments, a range of options and full support throughout. But we also offer you the option of being blissfully unaware of any of these service details and just allow Flow and Bond drive the recruitment process you are comfortable with. 

The details of each service are presented here: 

Talent Flow>

Talent Bond>

The Tangent Service - Making Recruitment Flow

The flawless recruitment and retention service we deliver is based on our five-stage journey, they are detailed below, Click on the icon below to display the features of which sector you'll receive.

1. The Consultation-  Initial discussion with one of Tangents specialist niche recruiters. Our experts understand your market, achieved by our consultants’ long tenure with us in their niche market. We’ll uncover the culture & environment through interviews or by attending site personally to really gain a flavour. Our two service products Flow and Bond ensure talent is found and stays with you.

2. Global Search - Our search is a powerful blend of channels and teams, channel and % of the source: database 35%; advertising 15%; Head hunting 27%; Social Media Team 12%; Referrals – 11%. 24 / 7 Search teams – Always on with access to over 190 nationalities. Concentric rings approach Local, Regional then International. 

3. Managing the Recruitment -  Our tightly managed selection process blends efficiency with effectiveness. We use video Snapfiles and personality tests to optimise screening of candidates. Further support through Interview coaching for clients; end to end management of interview process wherever it is in the world. Also, Interview specialists can attend interviews to ensure process runs smoothly. 

4. Onboarding -  We keep on working after the selection is made to ensure smooth on-boarding. We carefully manage the offer and capture everything in a new starter pack – ensures no surprises. We’ll Manage relocation including schooling and family allowing candidates to focus on the job, plus Visas & Work Permits managed, and even airport collection.

Engaged Performer - Welcome packs for each new joiner, the packs details all the info they need about the role, company and Tangent Support staff. 
 For Contractors we have Assignment Support. The Assignment Support teams go to extraordinary lengths to smooth the transition to a new location. The menu of support options include:  relocation and accommodation (short-term & long-term), family relocation, travel, insurances, visas, work permits.
Engagement Booster - An additional and optional service is ‘Capture’, our engagement tool and process, which measures engagement and happiness of our contractor workforce. By enabling our customers to monitor trends & changes in the contractor communities’ feelings we ensure potential problems can be dealt with quickly before it results in attrition. 



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Who we work with

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