Product: Outsource

Product: Outsource


Outsource is Tangent’s project delivery model, through which distinct parcels of work are delivered by our assembled teamof contractors. Projects are delivered through either T&M or milestones, or a blend of the two. This solution covers, people, place and process in line with your business operations.


  • One PO per project 
  • Blend of on-shore and off-shore - remote working 
  • Full account & project management 
  • All risk, compliance and insurance covered 
  • Project team and methodology aligned to client 
  • Can flex for either existing projects or new projects 


  • Streamlines payment 
  • Simplified Project delivery 
  • Reduced management time 
  • Single process - rather than two processes, hire talent, deliver project 
  • Avoids IR35 issues in the UK 
  • Savings compared to consultancies 46% 

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