Product: RaaS

Product: RaaS


Recruitment as a Service is our subscription model for mission and time-critical roles, when a client wants guaranteed results and service. A consultative approach working in partnership to ensure the best person is hired to schedule.


  • Guaranteed service: delivery of the right person 
  • Testing and profiling any technical testing and psychometric testing 
  • Market mapping - trends analysis 
  • Support with job description design 
  • Team: dedicated senior niche recruiter supported by two colleagues 
  • Microsites and employer branding 


  • Work in partnership, full commitment 
  • Tangent has the scale and track record, you can place your faith in one supplier 
  • Streamline recruitment, not juggling multiple agencies 
  • Guaranteed results
  • Minimise the risk of a poor hire 
  • Higher quality candidates, preferential choice Tangent talent pool 
  • Accelerated process

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