Product: Flex

Product: Flex


Our Flex product is designed to be extremely agile, delivering the you best contract talent swiftly and seamlessly anywhere in the world. Combining the very best of recruitment and logistics/compliance services. 


  • International talent pool, with local capacity
  • Access to a diverse range of talent; usually hidden from the market 
  • Financial strength and systems, accurate payments, and £2m cash advance pot
  • International logistics team: insurance, travel and compliance
  • Remote and co-working options
  • Video profiles - speed and accuracy


  • Headcount reduction 
  • Hire quality talent from a global talent pool 
  • Security: Tangent’s stability, plus compliant contractors
  • Reduced effort for line managers
  • 24-hours role issue to deployment
  • Productivity up, as all your contractor’s requirements taken care of
  • Finance, flexible payment terms
  • Smooth onboarding

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