Product: Global Solutions

Product: Global Solutions


Tangent’s Global Product is designed for major corporations with international requirements at volume. An international RPO that manages the complete cycle of your hiring process.


  • Dedicated internationalsourcing team with on-site and offsite capability 
  • Full account management, with complete operational team managed, e.g. compliance, logistics and        travel Consulting: Support TA teams market mapping and regional planning, plus bid managment 
  • International logistics team: insurance, travel and compliance 
  • Reduced fees, specific invoice discounting 
  • Scalability, can ramp up to 100 / 1000 roles globally 

Partner programme

  • Agency consolidation 
  • Full payroll 
  • No liability, full supply base outsource 
  • 5-80 agencies can be handled


  • Financial strength and stability; builds trust and confidence 
  • Simplifies global recruitment 
  • Significant savings - Open book approach to fees, with discounts based on volume 
  • Fixed fees allow for predictable forecasting in finance 
  • Accurate payment of contractors, happy contractors, engaged and productive, no payment issues 

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