Lauren Larvin


Lauren Larvin

Search & Retention Consultant

Lauren Larvin

Search & Retention Consultant

Change and Transformation

Hi Everyone, 

I joined Tangent a few years ago now, and what an exciting few years that has been. Don't just take my word for it, I think the awards we have achieved over the last 40 years speak for themselves "Best IT and Digital Recruitment company" of 2018 as well as "The Best Candidate Care" for the past 5+ years just to name a few.

I head up the Semiconductor division here a Tangent across EMEA, what I have been noticing more recently when speaking to new clients is we are currently living in the most candidate driven market we have ever seen. 

So what does that mean you may ask yourself?

This means two things, first, clients are encountering the same pool of applicants over and over again, most are not suitable for the role they are hiring for which is very frustrating to the say the least. 

And the second, once they find a Rockstars candidate, he/she will have three or more different offers on the table that turns into a bidding war between employers, in turn driving up salary costs and also wasting a lot of time. 

So how are we over coming this very frustrating and costly issue we see our clients faced with?

This is where Tangent has the edge and sets us apart from our competitors, with over 40 years of experience as a global leader in the Tech and communication industry we know the market better than anyone. During this time we have built trusted relationships with candidates in niche areas of expertise because of this 80% of our successful hires are all passive candidates, so off the job market and not even aware of the opportunities out there until we speak to them. Therefore we have created totally new talent pools that our clients wont find anywhere else, this has proven to save cost and business resources. 

If you are also experiencing similar problems do get in touch, its great speaking to new people and hearing about all the interesting hurdles they are facing. I love a challenge!