Joseph McNulty


Joseph McNulty

Sales Group Manager

Joseph McNulty

Sales Group Manager

Communications, Technology, Product Engineering

 Joe has worked at Tangent for 7 years and within the recruitment sector for 10. His experience covers a range of industries from UK Government projects to supporting the worlds largest Telecom Vendors on 6 continents. In his current role Joe works with a team of Account Managers responsible for circa $15m annual spend with customers world wide.  

With more and more customers requiring international teams with the ability to move from one region to another freely, there has never been more need for logistic and compliance experience in the recruitment industry. Joe's knowledge of international compliance and management skills give his customers access to the best talent with the ability to move teams between countries with no risk while also opening up more opportunities for his customers to chase business in regions they may not have been able to work in before. 


Regional Procurement Head
"I had the privilege to work with Joseph throughout 2014-2015, when Huawei engaged Tangent as our consultant partner. 
Throughout this time, Joseph has demonstrated high performance and commitment in all assignments, always consistent with follow-ups despite different time zone. 
He is very easy to work with, and is excellent in communicating with people from different culture, even our team in Indonesia speak the same of him.   
I’d happily recommend Joseph to other counterpart of Huawei whenever I have the opportunity."

Procurement Manager -
"This letter serves as appreciation for the excellent partnership you have been providing to Huawei especially for the services and assistance being rendered on our contingent labor requirements. In my opinion, the level of service you are extending to our company is far beyond our expectation that is why I am compelled to go on record with my praise.
We have always received quality services from you and such kind of service builds great working relationship. We greatly appreciate as well the manner you handle our requirements especially the urgencies on demand. 
I do believe, however, that if our good and healthy working relationship remains the same for the coming years, I am certain that our business partnership would last longer.
We look forward to working with you for the coming years.
Thank you very much."




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