James Bundock


James Bundock

Senior Customer Success Manager

James Bundock

Senior Customer Success Manager

Communications, Product Engineering

Tell us a little about yourself:
I am a passionate and positive member of the team and have over 3 years of rich experience in recruitment. I have excellent communication skills and can offer you quality recruitment service. After spending over 3 working in Tangent for quite a few multimillion clients and candidates with unique talent, I feel I know what the clients truly demands, and have submitted the best suitable CVs and met the requirement both from client-side and candidate side. 


Which areas do you work in?:
I actively recruit for Ericsson, MTN, and Motorola and am currently recruiting in these areas of technology and telco (but not limited to): 
RF/ RAN Planning and Optimization Engineers, Back office/ Front Office/ Microwave/ Transmission/ IP/ Optical, CS/ PS Core, Optical/ Datacom/ Transmission, CBS/ OCS, / BNC, LTE/ VOLTE, Site/ Acquisition/ Civil Engineers, PCM/ PMO/ Project Managers/ Directors.


What excites you about tech & comms?:
The sheer pace of the industry, and the never-ending advancement of different technology and new companies joining the market, where using my skills I can build a long term relationship with them.  


What do you love most about your job?:
I have to thank the company for being strong through this pandemic, whereas I saw and witnessed companies reducing their team, Tangent grew as a team and was so supportive from day one. We have a passionate team from the top all the way to the bottom you are not a number you are part of a family and for me this makes me love my job every day.
I have a passion for helping people - knowing you have helped that person find a new, better and more flexible role means the world to me and it has also helped me make great friends all round the world - what better feeling is there!
Also, delivering a successful solution to customers that they never thought possible and building long term working relationships.

What’s the most valuable lesson you have learned?:
I have learned if you listen to the candidates you can really find out what they want, and how you can help them. I have the tools to make their dreams actually become a reality.
That our job is to give customers what they need not what they want. Our knowledge and experience mean we can work with customers to help them find real solutions rather than unrealistic ones.


Tell us one thing we wouldn’t know about you:
My nickname is Bubbles - I got this from having a pair of trainers as a 4-year-old that smelt like bubble gum and one day my teacher called me Bubbles, and it's stuck to this day.


What do you do outside of work?:
Outside of work I enjoy playing football and have the unfortunate passion of supporting Arsenal FC.
I have also started my own football team in the UAE, where I have been given the responsibility of being the manager and also helping football players all around the world who are looking for that next step in the sports industry.