Abdullah Howell


Abdullah Howell

Search and Retention Consultant

Abdullah Howell

Search and Retention Consultant

Tell us a little about yourself:

An ambitious recruitment and retention consultant taking the stress of hiring from clients and the pain of job hunting from candidates.

Specialising in supplying the most skilled passive talent on the market to leading technology companies all around the world. My aims are simple:

• To supply the best talent the planet has to offer, ensuring that each candidate is the absolute best fit
• To further ensure that each candidate placed, remains happy, effective, and engaged in their new role.


Which areas do you work in?:
I work in perm services, specialising in recruiting talent for new and emerging Technologies In the telecommunications and Information technology space.


What excites you about tech & comms?:

Constantly learning about revolutionary technology and being part of the growth of some of the biggest tech & comms companies in the world. Also helping to find new and exciting opportunities for some of the most talented candidates on the market is very fulfilling


What do you love most about your job?:
I love the team and work ethic - nobody settles for less than perfection, and focusing on "delivering wow through service" is something I feel very passionately about.


What’s the most valuable lesson you have learned?:
To be patient and relentless. 


Tell us one thing we wouldn’t know about you:
I was the head of my debating team in secondary school.


What do you do outside of work?:
I play a wide range of sports and enjoy socialising with friends and family.