• Russell Shepherd

    Russell Shepherd

    Global Category Manager Professional Services Organisation

    "I have been working with Tangent International for 2 years now and I consider them to be a true partner. Whether its market salary information, compliance across different countries or knowledge of the contracting population Tangent always have the answers. They are very solutions orientated and offer a high quality service to clients and candidates. 
    Their knowledge of the overseas market is exceptional and no matter what the challenge, they will always be able to have a complaint and sustainable solution.
    I know that when I work with them, I am assured of quality candidates that have been briefed well. They ensure that candidates are looked after and represent their company well.
    I would recommend them to any client to enhance their business."


  • McKenzie Pickering - Testimonial 2

    McKenzie Pickering - Testimonial 2

    Project Manager Placed into an Information Management company

    "Recently I had the pleasure to be in a successful recruitment process as an applicant managed by McKenzie. I was amazed by how well the position offered matched what I was looking for and what the company needed. I think this is the most critical thing when searching for new talents. During the whole process, McKenzie was very kind, and I had the feeling that we have a common goal. The communication style is perfect, and you do feel more confident in going to the interviews. That is amazing. I was also impressed by her knowledge of the IT industry."

  • Lauren Welsh

    Lauren Welsh

    Change Manager Global Pharmaceutical Organisation

    "I would highly recommend Lauren.  She is an excellent and dedicated recruitment agent who put in considerable effort to meet a very short, and tight, timeframe set by the client to complete all the require checks and compliance in just a couple of days.  With her support, clear guidance and excellent communications I was able to quickly pull together all the necessary information."

  • Troy Mainstone

    Troy Mainstone

    VP Europe Global Data Organisation

    "We have been working with Troy Mainstone at Tangent International for almost 3 years now on a number of projects across EMEA specifically on MDM & PIM projects. We initially reached out to Troy and his team because of the niche expertise and experience they have within this area. Troy and his team not only find the candidates we are looking for they work tirelessly on making sure the candidates they place stay, this is aided by their products Flow and Bond.

    Troy initially started as part of our PSL, after 6 months it was clear that the level of service was and still is way above anything we have had before, to secure Troy and his teams services we quickly agreed an exclusivity agreement and partnership which gave us a team dedicated to find the skills we need.

    Finally, it has been refreshing to work with a partner that drives the agenda for the wider organisation; two examples would be Tangents focus on driving women into technology as well as their active participation of being a disability confident recruiter (RIDI). Their understanding of both of these and subsequent education of our organisation has helped transform our people strategy into something we can be proud of."

  • Reece Carruthers - Testimonial 2

    Reece Carruthers - Testimonial 2

    Senior Network Administrator Large Telecommunication Organisation

    "I would recommend Reece Carruthers and his employers to other engineers because the services that they gave me was second to none, Reece kept me updated on a regular basis as and when he got feedback from the company that I applied to.

    He also email me supporting documents to help me through both interview and phone me the day before the interview and gave me more tips on how to conduct a good interview techniques which was very helpful, it got me the position.

    He gave lots of feedback after the interviews which was very helpful.

    So thanks very much to Reece and your company’s help.

    If I need your help in the future I’ll be in touch."

  • Lauren Larvin

    Lauren Larvin

    Senior HR Business Partner Global Technology Organisation

    "We have been working with Lauren for just over 6 months now and are incredibly impressed by the level of service she has given our organisation, she has not only placed experienced energetic candidates into our business, she has continued to send never seen before talent which really does demonstrate Laurens ability to understand our business and deliver the very best candidates.

    Overall we all agree that Lauren really does stand out from the crowd and are looking forward to continue working with her as we grow our organisation."

  • James Tiffin

    James Tiffin

    Health & Safety Professional Working in the contract market

    “Over many years I have engaged or worked with a number of different “professional” recruitment companies and recruiters, as a senior and experienced Occupational Health and Safety professional I have worked in specialist strategic and operational environments and when looking personally for an appropriate positions sometimes found it difficult. 

    I was contacted by James Tiffin who discussed with me a senior interim role in Retail which I was very interested in, I was impressed by james’s professional approach and within a few days James had spoken to the recruiting Director and set up an interview for me. Throughout the recruitment process James discussed with me all aspects and was in contact with me at regular intervals. However I was not able to secure the role but James ensured that I had the complete feedback from the hiring Director as soon as it was available.

    I would have no problem in recommending and working with James again, his professionalism and care in ensuring a stress free process was one I had not encountered with other recruitment companies and freelance recruiters for a very long time”. 

  • Joseph McNulty

    Joseph McNulty

    Recruitment Manager Telecoms Organisation

    "This testimonial serves as appreciation for the excellent partnership you have been providing to us especially for the services and assistance being rendered on our contingent labor requirements. In my opinion, the level of service you are extending to our company is far beyond our expectation that is why I am compelled to go on record with my praise.
    We have always received quality services from you and such kind of service builds great working relationship. We greatly appreciate as well the manner you handle our requirements especially the urgencies on demand. 
    I do believe, however, that if our good and healthy working relationship remains the same for the coming years, I am certain that our business partnership would last longer.
    We look forward to working with you for the coming years."


  • Lauren Alnuaimi - Testimonial

    Lauren Alnuaimi - Testimonial

    Candidate placed into a permanent role Large UAE Organisation

    "I recently worked with Lauren for a recent move in my career. The detailed service and attention to detail that she provides is quite remarkable. I was highly impressed from the initial moment of contact up until my induction for the new position. She keeps you informed every step in the process and is highly professional. I have never worked with such a professional individual from coaching me for the interviews to answering all my queries. As we work in an environment that is constantly changing with regulations there was not a question that Lauren didn’t or couldn’t answer. I was so highly impressed that my position change was so effortless. I highly recommend Lauren for her services. She really is the best recruiter I have ever worked with."

  • Lee Baigent

    Lee Baigent

    Chief Operating Officer & VP Global Operations – Global Unified Communications organisation

    “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lee for over 5 years to fill my recruitment needs, and with- out fail he has continually provided potential candidates with the right qualifications and skill sets to meet the needs of the business. It’s without hesitation that I highly recommend Lee should you be looking for the “right” candidate(s)... A true Professional!”

  • Will Pike

    Will Pike

    Recruitment Manager Global Telecommunication Infrastructure

    "Will and I have worked together on several vacancies over the past 18 months.  He is usually my first point of contact when a hiring manager allows me to work with a recruitment agency.  I find him to be very collaborative and eager to support his customers.  He also is also willing to turn his hand to some more challenging roles!

    Although we recruiters have the autonomy to build our own relationships with recruitment agencies, I have also recommended that some of my colleagues reach out to Will for any support they need in filling vacancies, this is because Will always manages to deliver candidates that we have never seen before!"

  • Eve Little

    Eve Little

    Contractor Global Telecommunications Company

    "I am very happy that this time I came across to know a professional Talent specialist, Eve who gave me regular feedback and handled my application in a very professional way. I am really impressed."

  • Emily Ilagan - Testimonial

    Emily Ilagan - Testimonial

    Permanent Candidate Dubai Organisation

    "Emily is an expert outstanding talented recruiter, that’s highly skilled and knows how to perfect her job. she provided me with maximum support during my hiring process; from the arrangement of interviews through the selection process till the on- boarding and final preparations to move to Dubai. She shows extreme care and support by continuously updating me along the way. Whenever I had doubts, she was there to answer them, and she goes the extra mile with following up with me even on her time off. 
    Emily is definitely an asset to any organization she works for and I’d recommend her without hesitating."

  • Joseph McNulty

    Joseph McNulty

    Hiring Manager Large Telecommunication Organisation

    "This letter serves as appreciation for the excellent partnership you have been providing to Huawei especially for the services and assistance being rendered on our contingent labor requirements. In my opinion, the level of service you are extending to our company is far beyond our expectation that is why I am compelled to go on record with my praise.
    We have always received quality services from you and such kind of service builds great working relationship. We greatly appreciate as well the manner you handle our requirements especially the urgencies on demand. 
    I do believe, however, that if our good and healthy working relationship remains the same for the coming years, I am certain that our business partnership would last longer.
    We look forward to working with you for the coming years."

  • Matt Fullbrook

    Matt Fullbrook

    Global Engineering Manager Cloud Platform Specialist Organisation

    "I recently worked with one of your senior recruitment consultants, Matt Fulbrook who helped us successfully fill an urgent requirement in our cloud development team.

    We had been searching for this particular vacancy for a while with no results, and then I reached out directly to Matt as we had previously worked together and know he has in-depth market knowledge and a good technical background particularly within software development and cloud applications.

    With his focus on Technology and his amazing candidate network, he quickly understood the requirements and what we/the team needed. Matt supplied CV’s from passive candidates who were not easily accessible by other agencies and who had been properly briefed and prepped before each interview stage.

    I would highly recommend working with Matt again."

  • McKenzie Pickering

    McKenzie Pickering

    Sales & Engineering Candidate Global Organisation

    "I was recently searching for a new job role which McKenzie was helping me with. Although I was not able to secure the position McKenzie was an absolute credit to recruitment throughout.

    McKenzie kept me well informed throughout the process, really helped with my interview prep and always called whenever she had planned to do so.

    Having worked in recruitment myself I've seen the best and certainly the worst. However McKenzie was definitely one of the best I've seen throughout."

  • Will Pike

    Will Pike

    Senior Release Manager Unified Communications Enterprise Cloud Organisation

    "What's the difference between a recruitment agent and a specialist in recruitment? Will Pike at Tangent International. My placement with Tangent is a dream job, 7 weeks of negotiation and in my second week. Will Pike is the utmost professional in the recruitment business. A pleasure to work with during the process, calm, structured, motivational. Will represented me so well, gave me honest feedback and between us I secured the role. 

    Thanks Will."

  • Joseph McNulty

    Joseph McNulty

    Procurement Partner Global Telecoms Organisation

    "I had the privilege to work with Joseph throughout 2014 - 2015, when Huawei engaged Tangent as our consultant partner. 
    Throughout this time, Joseph has demonstrated high performance and commitment in all assignments, always consistent with follow-ups despite different time zone. 
    He is very easy to work with, and is excellent in communicating with people from different culture, even our team in Indonesia speak the same of him.   
    I’d happily recommend Joseph to other counterpart of Huawei whenever I have the opportunity."

  • Emily Ilagan - Testimonial 2

    Emily Ilagan - Testimonial 2

    Permanent Candidate Recruitment Organisation based in Dubai

    "It is with great pleasure that I recommend Emily. She played the highest percentage of helping me get my dream job of a FSE and I am humbled for making it happen. I find Emily to be an outstanding recruiter. Her communication and preparation before, during and after interview are well managed. She guided me well in everything that I was supposed to do. During my first travel to Dubai, I was not confused despite that I was in a new country for the first time since she had sent me the maps and directions of where am going. She was very committed and conscientious until I joined the company. Emily is an excellent recruiter and would be an asset to any organization "

  • McKenzie Pickering

    McKenzie Pickering

    Candidate placed into a Sales role Global Automation Technology Organisation

    "McKenzie is an extremely talented and outspoken talented recruiter. Her in-depth knowledge on tech companies hiring process has proved to be a sought after asset for any recruitment organization. 

    She is well organized at work and treats her clients well with warm and friendly attitude which makes her stand out from the crowd. She keeps herself updated with employment market challenges and subsequently guides her clients in securing their dream job. My interaction with McKenzie was based on a job opportunity at well known tech firm. 

    Her motivation skills are amazing which gives her clients additional confidence that plays a key role in acing the interviews"

  • Reece Carruthers

    Reece Carruthers

    Infrastructure Project Manager Large Broadcasting Company

    "Reece is one of the best recruiters I've worked with, he's consultative, approachable, trustworthy, Informative and very reliable. He provides efficient feedback from start to finish, and his preparation was exactly what I needed to secure my new job.

    I would definitely recommend Reece to anybody looking for a new role within the Network & Security market who is looking for a new position. Thanks Reece!"

  • Will Pike - Testimonial 2

    Will Pike - Testimonial 2

    Senior Manager Large Telecommunication Organisation

    "My experience of working with Will was exceptional. From initial contact until he successfully placed me into a Perfect match and Role, he consistently supported me in my applications. He went above and beyond to ensure I was prepared for interviews and provided an approachable but professional service. 

    Highly recommended!"

  • Hazel Dunmow

    Hazel Dunmow

    Consultant Large Telecommunication Organisation

    "From the time we started with working with Tangent, she has been very helpful and supportive. Giving her professional advises on several issues we had while settling the account/salary transfer process.
    Also, last month, we had some civil un-rest in country almost for a week. It was very crucial time for us in terms of security. She had been continuously in touch with us, asking our welfare even when she was spending time with her daughter. During that period, even few words from someone who cares and concerned works a lot.
    We have had NO issues towards any professional duty she is supposed to perform. Everything works smooth, on times within the due process. Anytime we raise any concern, we are responded back with best professional advice.
    I really appreciate her and would thankyou that you have such team members in your organization to support us.
    Hope to have same support from her in future."