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The Environment

As an office-based company providing services that are centred around information systems our environmental footprint is low – certainly when compared to manufacturing companies. Nevertheless, we take environmental stewardship very seriously and strive through a number of initiatives to minimise the environmental impact we have on our business activities.

Initiatives we have already introduced are detailed below and have aggregated to allow Tangent to become a Zero Landfill Company. They have also substantially reduced the volume of greenhouse gas emissions in our Head Office processes.

The steps we have already introduced include:

  • Recycling of dry & general waste. This is sorted offsite with recyclable material extracted and the remaining waste sent to a plant that generates energy from waste.
  • Recycling of confidential waste which is shredded & recycled. 
  • Adoption of an energy tariff neutral to the environment with electricity generation fuelled completely by biomass. (CLICK TO SEE CERTIFICATE)
  • Under our rolling replacement programme, we have just converted the first batch of light fittings to take LED bulbs - thus enjoying the benefits of longer-lasting, more efficient and more environmentally friendly lighting. 
  • Redesign of our meeting room suite to maximise the benefit of natural lighting.
  • Recycling of redundant office IT equipment & telephones.
  • Recycling of toner cartridges. 
  • Responsible disposal of used batteries & redundant lighting tubes & bulbs in accordance with WEEE regulations.
  • Introduction of warm air hand dryers in the building removing accumulations of paper waste with additional hygiene benefits.
  • Replacement of bottled water units, previously replenished regularly by an external provider, with a chilling system plumbed into the mains supply. 
  • Daily deliveries of milk to the office in glass bottles that once empty are washed and returned to the dairy for recycling.
  • Computers, printers & photocopiers power-down after a period of inactivity to conserve power usage.
  • Paper-based office consumables are required to be either made from recycled paper or sourced from suppliers that work to best practice industry sector environmental standards in their manufacturing processes.
  • Staff encouraged to use car-sharing opportunities, cycling or public transport for journeys to/from work, and public transport for client visits in the UK where feasible.
  • Video conferencing and web delivered training.
  • Our Environmental Management System has been established within the framework of ISO 14001 and we conduct an Environmental Impact Analysis on a regular basis with targets that strive for continuous improvement. As well as any opportunities for reducing our environmental footprint identified under the EMS Tangent staff are encouraged to suggest ways where we could make a further environmental improvement.

Initiatives under consideration include:-

  • The adoption of carbon off-setting for business air travel
  • Reducing waste paper produced in company operations.
  • Passive infra-red switches for lighting in rooms that are not in regular use.