CSR | Our People

Our People

Our business succeeds because of the commitment, enthusiasm and energy of our staff. We aim to promote and maintain a happy and healthy workplace and staff well-being is a fundamental part of everything we do.


As mentioned, Tangent's success is because of the devotion to duty of its staff. Our culture is one of ‘can do’ and when we decide on a strategy our staff help us to implement with diligence and all due care. We believe in training and developing our people, and always encourage them to take on additional responsibilities as soon as they feel able. We want everyone associated with Tangent to be ‘the best they can possibly be’ and our programmes are focused on personal as well as corporate goals.

Learning & Development

We run staff development programmes that encourage people to take responsibility for themselves, their colleagues, their family and their communities. We offer training to all our staff and career reviews are held annually. We encourage our staff to become involved with our ‘global community’ and have recently seen members of our finance team in Sweden, Brazil and Vietnam.

Instant Feedback/Consultation

We encourage and promote ‘daily 360 reviews’. We believe that team development is something that needs to be worked on every day, not something that is only confined to a yearly appraisal. We want our staff to receive instant feedback on everything they do. We also promote openness within the organisation - company financial performance and strategy are discussed on a bi-monthly basis.

Pastoral Care

We provide numbers of consulting staff to customers all over the world. (137 countries to date). We take great care in the selection of these consultants and in their pastoral care once on-site. We do not believe in 'parachuting' people to the ground, but prefer to provide 24-hour helplines and a global network of support. Our programme extends to health, financial and interpersonal support and our Accounts teams are focused on the well-being of our people in the field. Our care programme is constantly being updated and as always we take input from staff, consultants and our client community.