A Message From The CEO

A Dynamic Company In A Changing Marketplace Is Moving Ahead

We are living in a time of change. For ten years or so, the online gaming industry has been characterized by a lot of change: Rapid development, high growth, fun and crazy workplaces, but also legal and political uncertainty. Now at least the uncertainty seems to be coming to an end. We are witnessing a change in policy in most EU member states, which are liberalizing and reregulating the sector. Betsson Group welcomes the development, and even though it may place high demands on us in terms of new taxes and compliance rules, we believe that the positive effects of being licensed will outweigh the negative ones — as long as the licensing regime comes with reasonable taxes, are non-discriminatory and allows all forms of online gambling.

The question many industry employees now pose is, “Will it be boring?” I prefer to think that this is when the real fun begins. We are part of a historic moment of change, which in itself will be a challenging and interesting journey to go through. While going through the changes, and afterwards, we have all the possibilities in the world to continue to develop our business in terms of new creative product offerings and new dynamic business models. And we can continue to have fun, as we have had for the last ten years. This will not be boring, or tedious. While Europe is going through changes, we are taking our first steps in Asia. The Asian gaming market is huge and Betsson Group is very well positioned to take advantage of it. In China, we have a first establishment and we are slowly learning how to do business there. In the near future, our main focus in Asia will be on growing this newly established business. Meanwhile, there are other interesting opportunities in Asia that we are pursuing, mainly from a B2B perspective. Asia will continue to be an area of interest for Betsson Group as we go forward.

From a product perspective there is also a lot of development and change going on. Good examples are the mobile solutions being developed in the online gaming industry, and Betsson Group is highly active in this area too. We believe that this year will be the time when mobile gaming really takes off. Betsson Group aims at delivering world class mobile solutions that our brands can benefit from.

Speaking of brands, I often get asked what it is that makes Betsson Group deliver such strong growth year after year? Part of the answer definitely lies in the multi-brand strategy pursued by the Betsson Group. Betsson Group currently runs over 20 brands to both B2C and B2B markets. These brands are often niched at a certain market or product segment. This means that, together with our partners, Betsson Group covers a very broad range of the customer segments on the market. The belief is that customers want variety and that they like to play on many sites simultaneously. Betsson Group’s strategy caters for that, and while many of our competitors run a “one size fits all” strategy, we believe that the multi-brand approach sets us apart.

The competition in the market is fierce, but in recent years, Betsson Group has advanced quickly on the list of the largest and most influential online gaming companies in the industry. We are overtaking mid-sized competition and closing in on the market leaders. In the 2011 "EGR Power 50" report, Betsson Group was ranked as the fifth most influential gaming company in the world, up from 12th place the year before. This is of course a massive recognition of the hard work we have put in and it shows that our business model is right. With Betsson Group’s current development, steps are being taken to match the market leaders in terms of both product offering and geographical coverage. Betsson Group will not get carried away and try to do everything at once, but the strategy is to invest in a select number of “new” products and markets in a focused way.

On a group level, we will continue to be passionate about what we do. We will continue to be dynamic, creative and fair — in other words, we will do it the Betsson Group way and continue to build this company’s culture and soul. And it will be fun.

CEO Betsson Group
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