Working with Sidel South East & Asia Pacific

The South East & Asia Pacific zone for Sidel represents one of the organizations greatest opportunities – with a population of over 2 billion, a developing technological market, and ever more demanding customers, our sole objective is to achieve A BETTER MATCH for our customers and employees alike.

We are committed to being the most innovative, responsive and reliable partner providing sustainable solutions for the beverage industry.

We are the driving force in liquid packaging, providing optimal solutions in PET, can and glass. We constantly challenge the limits of technology and services in order to offer our customers the means to a more sustainable business.

Passion lies at the core of our values and is applied to every aspect of our work - from our desire to create the best products to the respect we have for our colleagues, our workplace and the environment. Our values are represented in the figure below.


Sidel believes in developing and retaining talent. Sidel actively encourages talent transfer across the globe and throughout its network. Sidel is a global team. Each and every employee possesses unique skills and knowledge in a wide range of areas. And collectively, we share a greater wealth of know-how and competences than ever before. That's why we value all of our employees so highly.

At Sidel, we want to challenge our employees and test their skills in a way that ensures their growth and development, both as individuals and as one collective body. More than anything, we want to be an organization that inspires people to be passionate about their work.

More than 5,500 employees representing over 60 nationalities have already discovered that working at Sidel opens the door to an exciting international career. And we recognize that we have only become the global leader we are by investing in the talented people who make up the Sidel team.
Grounded in our core values, our human resource policies are designed to sharpen your professional skills even further. We work to improve performance every day, as we further enhance a working environment that encourages everyone at Sidel to succeed and thrive at work.

Upon joining our team, you will embark on an extensive training program designed to ensure every employee understands our products fully. Training courses will last from six weeks to two months and will be conducted in one of our global training locations in France, Italy or China.
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