Living in Oman

Expat workers come to Oman for various reasons, primarily because there is no personal income tax, the weather is sublime, crime is virtually nonexistent, and the lifestyle is family orientated.
A good expat package in a good company in Oman is a golden opportunity to experience a different culture in a country where the sun always shines.

There is a good range of international banks in Oman, all of which offer standard facilities such as current, deposit and savings accounts, ATM facilities, chequebooks, credit cards and loans.

With all the great shopping to be done in Muscat, you’ll find you’re never too far from your nearest ATM – if you can’t find one of your own bank’s ATMs, you can access funds through most other ATMs using a central network.

Before you can open an account in Oman, you need to have your residence visa (or at least you should have your application underway).

A reliable estate agent can save you a lot of time and effort by arranging viewings of suitable properties. Muscat is spread out into distinct residential areas, mostly divided by mountains, valleys or highways. The main areas being Muttrah, Ruwi, Wattayah, Qurm, Shatti Al Qurm, Madinat Sultan Qaboos (MSQ), Al Khuwayr, Ghubbrah, Azaibah and Seeb.

General Medical Care
The general standard of healthcare in Oman is high, both in the public and private sectors.
Like in most countries, private healthcare is seen as preferable (English-speaking staff, shorter waiting lists and more comfortable in-patient facilities) which is lucky for expats as they are only permitted to use private hospitals (except in cases of medical emergencies or in instances where private hospitals do not have the necessary facilities for treatment).

There are many private specialist clinics, private and government hospitals, all staffed by qualified professionals.

Oman and Muscat in particular arehome to several international schools catering to children of various nationalities. Government schools are for Omani citizens only, so if you are living in Oman as an expat you will have to send your child to a private school. While it is advisable to visit as many schools as you can to get an idea of the academic standards and extra-mural facilities, remember that it makes sense to stick to a national curriculum that fits in with your future plans.

Oman at a Glance
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